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Molokai Bowhunters


A Community-Focused Organization Passionate About Archery

Whether you call it Archery or bowhunting, we at Molokai Bowhunters Archery Club love this sport. we think you and your family will too.

The Molokai Bowhunters Archery Club is a family orientated, community based organization promoting the sport of archery for fun, fitness and bonding of friendship. We welcome all who are interested in participating, regardless of skill and/or experience. We have a number of certified instructors who are more than willing to help you get started. Our goal is to promote safety in all aspects of the sport, whether it be hunting, competition, target, or just plain shooting.

Our 28 animal target outdoor range is available to our members year round. Guests must be accompanied by a member after signing our club waiver.

Molokai Bowhunters Archery Officers

  • PRESIDENT – Godfrey Akaka Jr
  • VICE PRESIDENT – Nelson Rapanot
  • SECRETARY – Jeff Odo
  • TREASURER –Mary Rapanot
  • SGT @ ARMS – Brian Tachibana
  • RANGE COORDINATOR – Lance Tancayo




Molokai Bowhunters 23rd Annual State Tournament

Organized by the Molokai Bowhunters Archery Club

Date: Saturday – August 21st, 2021

Time: 7:30am-8:30am Registration, 9:00am Start

Place: Kalae Bow Range

Registration Fees: $30.00 18+ years old, $15.00 17 years old and below.

$5.00 Donation Includes lunch after Saturday tournament. Please RSVP so club can prepare optimal amount of food.

Bow hunts available to off island tournament participants on Molokai Ranch Land TBD. Contact Nelson Rapanot for more details.

Shooting Styles Male & Female

  • Bare bow
  • Freestyle
  • Freestyle Ltd
  • Competitive Bowhunter
  • Bowhunter freestyle
  • Bowhunter freestyle Ltd
  • Traditional
  • Freestyle Ltd recurve

Divisions Male & Female

  • Cub (12 and under)
  • Youth (12-14)
  • Young Adult (15-17)
  • Adult (18-49)
  • Senior (50+)
  • Silver Senior (60+)
  • Master Senior (70+)

Sanctioned Event

2021 Molokai Bowhunting Turkey Shoot

Date: Saturday – November 6th, 2021

Time: 8:00am-9:00am Registration, 9:00am Start

Place: Kalae Hwy Bow Range

Registration Fees: $10.00

  • Frozen Turkeys to Win as prizes
  • Open to members and non-members
  • Club Tournament Rules
  • Potluck after shoot

Invite the whole family!

For more information please call:

Godfrey Akaka: 567-9413

Nelson Rapanot: 567-9031